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Brassia Rex
Brassia Rex

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Note moyenne: 4,8
5(six stars if I could)
Blooming size with very healthy root system. I was really impressed. It arrived very well packaged. I will purchase here again. THANK YOU!!
Great plant!
Blooming size, healthy bulbs and roots with new growth started. Too big for the 6" pot I thought I'd need to upsized to 8" and it's doing well.
Huge plant. It has 3 mature bulbs, 1 half grown + 1 new shoot starting. Considering the size of the plant, it is definitely flowering size and the whole plant looks very healthy with a huge root system as well. I do keep my fingers crossed to see it adapt to its new environment. I am really happy with the purchase.
Received a huge division, five mature bulbs with four new growths beginning. New roots growing, new growths maturing nicely.
Plant arrived healthy with 6 large, fat pseudobulbs. It has remnants of old flower spikes so it is definitely blooming size.
very good
plant received with dying blossoms so it is definitely "blooming size". Overall good quality though some of the leaves were torn/yellowed.