Anthurium arisaemoides

Anthurium arisaemoides


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Note moyenne: 4,3
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Whyyyyy (26/09/2022)
Only plant that totally died after a week (i ordered 12 so not bad.) Didn't come as healthy as the others.
Super cute and strong medium size plant (04/12/2021)
I received a super cute and bushy small-medium sized plant with new growth and strong roots. It was larger than the photo on thr website. There was no damage. I believe it could be kept in medium humidity, but I'm keeping in a cabinet with 85%+. The roots have exploded in all directions in these conditions. Looking forward to seeing how this matures.
Happy (13/09/2021)
Plant came in well, a bit of fungal on the leaves, to be expected, but otherwise nice plant. Good sized stem and healthy roots. Acclimated well. No complaints.
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