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Anthurium bomboisence
Anthurium pittieri

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Great plant
Arrived well. Nice leaves. Acclimated well. Potting it up now. Using chunky soil mix.
Lovely large plant, thick root system. Shipped well to UK and acclimating great. Gorgeous shimmer on leaves
Beautiful Plant!
My new favorite Anthurium has this slight shimmer to it. Looks great, shipped okish and is acclimating quite well to its new home. Love it!
Stunning 8/25/21
Arrived well packaged with beautiful healthy leaves and roots. Never lost any leaves and is thriving. Leaves are such a beautiful iridescent green. I totally agree this plant is underrated. A must for the anthurium collection. Will purchase again. Love Equagenera!
What a species
The shimmering of the leaves is very special. Wondering why it is so cheap. One of the most beautiful Anthuriums I saw by the leave color.
The plant itself shipped nicely, intact roots, and the leaves are also OK.
Location: Singapore

No, photos don't do justice to this plant at all!! I received a rather big specimen with 4 leaves, 1 large leaf. Zero shipping stress, very robust root system. Leaves are thick, leathery and has a subtle blue shimmer that makes it so attractive!! At this price, I say it's a must buy.

Thanks Team Ecuagenera!!
Pictures do not do this plant justice
This is by far the most gorgeous plant I own. It's sparkly and iridescent and every time I look at it I notice something new.

The plant I got arrived small, with only three leaves and a very small, but healthy, root system. It took longer to acclimate than the other imports, but suffered minimal damage from shipping, losing only the tip of the largest leaf.

It's been a month since it arrived, and it is just starting to put out a new leaf, I'm excited to see how this plant develops!

This is an excellent plant! So underrated!
This anthurium is underrated. It is shimmery with dark veining that is barely perceptible. This is a plant that needs to be viewed from up close My plant arrived with good roots and is happy and healthy.
5 stars
Very Happy
Received two A. Bomboisence, both in great condition with healthy root systems. They've settled right in without any fuss. The leaves of this plant have a beautiful deep shimmer as photographed. Would purchase again and recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.