Rodriguezia dodsoniana

Rodriguezia dodsoniana


Évaluations client de Rodriguezia dodsoniana

Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 3,7
Lots of healthy roots and huge leaves! (15/03/2023)
Young plant sent, not a small seedling. I was surprised by its size, as I was expecting it to be much smaller. Very healthy, which should help it bounce back from long distance shipping.
Nothing great (29/03/2021)
I thought it was a pretty small size plant compared to the other plants I ordered. It had only two growths and the smaller growth was detached from the main plant I guess from packing or from during the transporting.
average but healthy looking plant (04/11/2020)
I received this plant in a good shape with literally no roots. One mature pseudobulb and a single growing shot.

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