Maxillaria brachybulbon

Maxillaria brachybulbon


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Note moyenne: 4
Fair to good. (13/12/2022)
Plant came alive and good. Roots a bit distressed but overall good plant. Very small stature for a maxillaria with tiny little bulbs but it's characteristic of this Maxillaria which is not brachybulbon but actually Maxillaria silvana. Mind that if you want to give your plants the best care. It's going good for me these last 6 months already growing and flowering really well. Not uncommon to see 3 or 4 flowers per each newly matured pseudobulbs.
If you like small plants and small attractive flowers give it a go with this Maxillaria.
Very fine (31/07/2021)
Nice healthy plants (2 pcs). One somewhat larger than the other.

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