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Masdevallia decumana

Masdevallia decumana

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Note moyenne: 4,4
Helthy Masdevallia!
nice small plant
I received nice small plant, only several mature leaves. More important for me it has some roots and still alive after a month, growing new leaves already.
Pequeña Decumana
La Orquídea se ve sana, ha llegado en optimas condiciones. A mi parecer es un poco pequeña. Espero que se aclimate y siga creciendo.
Nice little plant
I received a nice little plant in good conditions.
I'm looking forward to receiving the Masdevallia in April. I trust Ecuagenera that it will be in great condition and am looking forward to growing it!
Strong grower
This masdevallia arrived a little smaller than the other plants I ordered. I was a little concerned because there was a bit of tip burn and overall it didn't look quite as healthy as the other plants I purchased. This is a relative term, of course, the plant was still completely adequate. However, in the month since I brought it home, this little guy has really surprised me and has put out a ton of healthy new growths.
I look forward to seeing this one flower, it is one of my favorites.