Dracula gigas xanthina

Dracula gigas xanthina


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Note moyenne: 4
Very nice Dracula (12/02/2023)
The plant arrived in good condition and was large and healthy. I was intrigued to grow the xanthina form of D. gigas for the pale yellow flowers and the flower stalks that emerge amongst the leaves and grow upward rather than the typical Dracula habit of flowers emerging amongst the roots and growing downward. So far this has bloomed a couple times for me, the flowers are large for the genus, and the pale yellow color is nice. The only negative is that for me the flowers only last a week or so even in a very high humidity environment.
Very good :-) (13/08/2020)
I received a plant in good condition and I am now looking forward to seeing it grow and thrive. The plant is of good size and definitely able to flower given the right conditions. As alway, I can recommend Ecuagenara despite the long transportation from South America to Denmark.

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