Houhopea Wayne Riggs

Houhopea Wayne Riggs


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Note moyenne: 4
mis que 3 Etoiles pour une jeune plante (09/12/2022)
reçu une jeune plante avec des bulbes assez petits. Bien enracinés
Nice plant (07/07/2022)
Received a nice plant, all the roots are alive, the pseudobulbs are healthy and it's a plant that will continue growing. The only downside is the new growth leave arrived rotted.
healthy division with good foliage (04/07/2022)
Plant arrived in good condition with plumb bulbs and good foliage. The division was slightly on the small side but it is growing just fine. I cannot wait honestly for this one to bloom. What an exciting cross. Kudos to Ecuagenera for this very rare and cool addition to my collection

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