Évaluations client de Ulearum donburnsii 'Silver Cloud'

Ulearum donburnsii 'Silver Cloud'
Ulearum donburnsii
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Nombre d'évaluations: 8
Note moyenne: 4,9
Perfect Little Plant
Pre-ordered and picked up at a local pop-up. Excellent packing and packaging of a clump of three leaves and one new shoot, all of which were in great shape and were retained during in-home acclimation. Roots were in excellent shape and this has been a very easy-going, beautiful plant!
Even cuter in person!!
I placed my order and chose to pick up at one of their Pop-Up Event locations. I could not be happier! This plant was packaged in an enclosed plastic container which held the humidity and kept it safe. It was in perfect condition!
Very very good
Well packaged and rapidly shipped. The plant was in good shape. I was waiting for this aroid for a while, and I was not disappointed.
Very very good
Plant arrived in perfect condition......very good plant very happy with their business
Excellent Delivery
I ordered two the moment I got the chance and I think these guys came in the best packaging I've ever gotten. They were wrapped in moss and shipped enclosed in two plastic containers for a makeshift terrarium, with the roots secured to the side to keep the plant from getting knocked around. I popped them into my terrarium and they are looking great.
Fox resembling cutie - Plant for true aroid lovers
I have received a two leaf specimen with healthy rhizome and one shoot coming. The plant I received is in great condition with leaves displaying characteristic spots. Wonderful plant for everyone who likes understory aroids. Definitely recommend!
It didn't get away after all!
I was hoping to edit my prior review, but I can't so I'll add a note. This itty bitty little one leaf specimen dropped its single leaf when it arrived in August 2020. All that was left was a little one inch petiole, but it had the tiniest little nub, smaller than my pinky finger nail. And the old petiole stayed firm and green, so I have had it in a little plastic cup with sphagnum moss, covered with clear wrap and in a humidity dome with a heating mat. I kept checking and keeping it slightly moist in the cup and started to see a lil something grow out of the little nub. It's been 6-7 months now since it was delivered and dropped its leaf and looked like a goner, but instead it has its first new leaf! Talk about rewarding. I am going to buy a special little terrarium for this guy. i love it!
The one that got away...
This might be the most adorable plant I've ever bought. It's like a tender little butterfly. I was a little disappointed in the shape and size of my specimen and ultimately it doesn't seem like it's going to survive. But I know this is the risk with importing rare plants - sometimes the specimen isn't great looking, sometimes it isn't totally healthy, sometimes it's fine and you just kill it, usually with love and good intentions!