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Anthurium veitchii
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Anthurium veitchii

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Delevered well, plant looked good
Came in BIG and Healthy. Very happy with this plant. Roots were good. Two weeks later majority of roots rotted, but plant will survive, I think it is the norm with imports, shock and recovery period. Chunk is healthy. Leaves are dying on the edges.
Healthy plants but abit smaller than expected
Received the king with 3 leafs. The biggest around 20cm, then 15cm, then 10cm. All leafs are blemish free, healthy roots are packed in coco coir. Sent all the way to from Ecuador to a tiny island where the king will rule from a tiny 12cm pot, for now.
Decent purchase
For the price, the plant was much smaller than I had expected; 21cm for the largest leaf. Petioles were oddly long, almost twice the length of each leaf, giving the plant an awkward look. I'm not sure why this is, as all the photos I've seen online of veitchii(including smaller ones) had a proportional leaf to petiole length. I'm guessing this could either be due to etiolation or natural variation. Although, I must say that the ribs were very close together, and roots were very healthy, so that was the highlight of this plant.
just okay
small leaves!!! only 15-20cm. like seedlings. when I asked christian, he said the big one (40cm above) only for pop up sale. you should put it in description that we got only small leaves when we preorder.
The perfect gift
This was a gift for someone dear. It arrived a week or so earlier than I expected during a busy week. I took the package and allowed the birthday "girl" to unbox her gift and crossed my fingers for healthy plants....when she called to thank me I could hear the joy in her voice. I'm so glad and relieved, she said she loves them - thank you Ecuagenera.
Better leaf size plsss
Largest leaf was just about 20cm. Expected better leaf size. However, less blemishes seen on this plant. Good number of leaves. Overall satisfied with purchase but not entirely excited.
Beautiful plant
This plant arrived in excellent condition with three healthy green leaves and healthy looking roots. The largest leaf is about 10 inches long. There was very minor leaf damage to two of the leaves from shipping where the leaves got folded, but overall a gorgeous plant.
Quality- only 2 leaves and rotting
This is the 2nd veitchii I've purchased, the first rotted in 2 1/2 weeks but I wanted one as part of a gift for a dear friend. I even mentioned that my order was a gift and to please not let me down. Both plants I ordered only came with 2 leaves so it's not like I could trim the dead leaves and still give a plant (s) with some nice pots to distract from the skimpy offering. The veitchii leaf is rotting with what looks like mold. It takes 2 days from the time they ship to reach my door. How? Why? It's literally given me a headache. I'm so angry and disappointed that they would send me anything that looks like this.
Exceeded Expectations!
Plant was nicely packed and shipped well to Singapore, arriving earlier than scheduled. Received a plant with 6 leaves, although there were minor imperfections on the leaves, there were plenty of healthy roots and pushed out a new leaf after 1 month. A plant of this size would have cost much more if bought locally.b
I received this plant with molding yellow leaves. The size was probably a medium, when I actually paid the $75 price. I have sent pictures. It wasn't as big as the picture here. It was seriously stressed even when I paid extra to get it to me in 2 days. It eventually did not make it. All leaves got the same yellowing and mold. So I can't say much about this plant. Maybe I will try again. Not right now.
I got the Narrow one.. absolutely stunning but very slow grower
I got the very narrow form one.. Hallelujah! It came in medium size with 5 leaves and 1 shoot. The biggest leaf unfortunately was damaged, the roots were slightly rot so I trimmed it and put it on moss. It need around 1 month to adapt with my condition and climate, but as soon as It is comfortable, the root starts to grow like crazy! The shoot finally growing and now I have one absolutely perfect new leaf and very narrow.
3 Star
Plants arrived with some leaves dried out and the sizes were smaller than I expected. I tried to resuscitate them but they died. Email Ecuagenera, they said I should let them know 24 hours into receiving the plants and I didn't so I can't get any replacement or refund. Sent pictures but the same thing.
Picked up this plant at a discount from listed price at a local pop up event. Leaves were already 18+" long. Excellent condition and grown from a huge, well rooted chonk that handled travel well and has acclimated like a champ (some discolored patches on some leave edges and nothing more). Big beautiful specimen!
Large and beautiful
I love the plant I got, although I am still not sure if the one I got/this one is narrow form like I was hoping (I could be wrong). It is a gorgeous plant and in fabulous condition.
Top rating from denmark
It was a really lovely Veitchii I recieved.
Big plant, with big nice leafs and no damage at all.
Root also in good conditions.
Really beautyful plant.
I will defently buy again! :)
Happy customer from Sweden
I received the plant 2 weeks ago. No problems with root rot or yellowing leaves. You can not see that it been travelling half-way around the world. As with all new aroids I buy, I pot it in my aroid mix (very gently), and place it in my glass cabinet for a month or so (with some extra humidity). Good for the plants and to make sure no bugs get a new home ;-)
Healthy Plant
Picked up the plant from the recent popup in Cambridge and was very satisfied in the conditions it arrived in. Roots and leaves were in perfect conditions. Size is alright, but came with multiple leaves. Potted it up right away and it rooted very well in aroid potting mix. Managed to put out a leaf within 1 month+ of receiving it. Overall very satisfied with the purchase
Came smaller then 40cm, new leaf was broken in half. In total plant was healthy, roots looked nice.
It came with more leaves than i expected and this plant shipped well all the way to Singapore. Nicely packed and no damage to leaves. Roots were good and healthy. Overall exceed my expectations. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Healthy, rooted, growing plant.
The plant arrived in excellent condition!
Top plant
Came in very good condition. He has not lost any leaf. I am so happy. The only thing I can complain about is the UPS courier. You pay for express and the speed of delivery is inferior to that of regular Post, there are still delays.
Meets expectations, but not exceptional
The Veitchii shipped well to Singapore; largest 21 cm leaf had well defined ribs, the other leaves are not worth mentioning. A recurring feedback from reviews is the disappointment in leaf size when compared to display images. Perhaps this happens when prices are marked down during sales and buyers get a smaller plant, so it shouldn't be a major complaint.
Healthy plant, albeit arrived with few roots
Received a 5 leaf specimen, the largest leaf being 6 inches long. Though the plant arrived with minimal roots, it took just 2 weeks for it to start pushing out new roots in pon. Did not lose a single leaf during the acclimatization process.
perdí mi dinero mi plantas, aun no se hacen reembolso
Very good quality and healthy
It's ok but I need more information on how to care for this specific plant
I love the A. Veitchii !! I bought several of them as soon as they popped up and they are all doing great!!
I paid the same price for a very tiny seedling from a different US store and its still not growing 7 months later ... This is definitely worth it!
Amazing leaves and roots
I picked up this plant at a recent Pop Up event. It was packed nicely and when I got home, the leaves came out stunning with no blemishes. I was really happy. It is thriving now in my greenhouse. Thank you for a wonderful plant!
Not narrow form vitchii. This is my second time I have not got narrow leaves.
Received a very good and healthy root Veitchii although the size of leaves are small. All leaves are good and looks amazing!
Small and thick leaves
I bought this Anthurium Vetchii from Ecuagenera's sales representative via email while looking at the images on this website. However while I was looking at this big plant on here about 24-36 inches, I was sent a plant with small leaves ranging from 5-9 inches for the original price of $100 USD. I was also sent a thick-leaf Vetchii that appears to be a wide-form plant which looks more like the Vetchii-type on Ecuagenera's website. I own another smaller Vetchii from another import company but that one has thinner leaves and looks more like the one advertised here in the pictures with narrow leaves which are thinner. I am quite disappointed with my $100 purchase and I was not offered any discounts. When I emailed, I was told that I was sent a Vetchii, not a Vetchii-type and no correspondence any further from the representative. If you are ordering via email, state very clearly that you want: an Anthurium Vetchii Narrow-from which is thin-leafed and that looks like the 24-36 inch plant advertised on this webpage and send them the specific link to prevent confusion. I must say, that this has been the only disappointment from Ecuagenera.
Other than this experience, they have always sent me good plants in great condition. It would have been good if they had offered me a discount coupon or something because I did buy it for the original price, no discounts added and now I have to order and pay again to get a Vetchii that looks like this one
I rated it 5 stars
Plant was in very good conditions and beautiful. Thanks.
I never expect many roots from an import, but was pleasantly surprised that there were a decent amount of roots that were still viable. The plant itself is pretty big with 2 big leaves and 2 small ones and zero evidence of leaf yellowing or infection (still treated with physan 20 just in case).
Small and broken
The plant I received was far smaller than advertised. Not only that, but the newest and largest leaf had been rolled up and snapped by the packager. It bears a scar across the entire leaf. And being a notoriously slow grower, this leaf will need to remain for a year or two to keep the plant healthy.

After arriving in this condition I would’ve been upset no matter the price, but considering how expensive these veitchii are, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.
Did I win the lottery?
This plant arrived in perfect health with a root system that can only be described as "thick and juicy". I snagged this plant as soon as I saw it was available. It arrived with 3 leaves ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches. This plant acclimated extremely quickly to my MILSBO cabinet -- less than two weeks. It started putting out tons of new roots and I now have a brand new 9 inch narrow and perfectly ribbed leaf. If you get the chance to buy this plant, act quickly because I have only seen them stocked one time.
Good quality, but expect to receive a seedling. Same thing happened with A. metallicum, although even smaller seedlings were sent. Descriptions needs to be updated, and prices adjusted accordingly.
I ordered a mature plant, I received a seedling.
I ordered a mature plant and I received a seeding very different from the plant advertized, even tho I asked them to send me a big plant and they agreed and noted it down on my invoice, they sent me an small seedling.

All the plants from my last 3/4 orders have significantly downgraded the quality and specially the size, most of them are just seedlings.

If I knew I was going to receive a seedling I wouldn’t have ordered a "mature" plant.
Good Size
Plant reached SG in good condition but suffered leaf blight, recommend Singaporeans to have their fungicide ready when receiving the plants. Would definitely purchase again when it's available. Thank you to Ecua Sales team for the speedy replies and courier over at TOH Gardens
I wish we could submit photos to go along with our review. Because this plants arrived perfectly with 4 healthy leaves and a good root system. I do think that it'll adjust to my SOCAL climate. I think that it's one of my favorite plants so far.
Also, customer support was outstanding throughout the process responding quickly to all my communications.
Not as advertised
I ordered this plant but got sent a plant a little bit bigger than a seedling. For what it's worth the plant is healthy but is definitely alot smaller than what I ordered.
Healthy young plant
Plant arrived in great condition, some shipping damage but nothing to worry about.
Perfect specimen - EU delivery
Thanks to the help of one the kindest sales associates at Ecuagenera I am now a pride owner of this very beautiful plant. Came with no damage whatsoever. Three 25-30cm leaves with no burns, scratches or anything like that. Root system is not expansive but no root rot or browning. I can recommend buying it with absolute certainty. In my care since about a week. It was delivered during temperature drop to under 0°C but despite the lack of heat pack it fares really well.