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Anthurium moronense
Anthurium moronense

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Nombre d'évaluations: 13
Note moyenne: 4,7
Leuke plant
Plant heeft het vervoer prima doorstaan. Heeft één nacht in water met superthrive gestaan en is daarna opgepot in aroid mix. Hij staat in mijn woonkamer en is nu na 2 weken nog helemaal gaaf, er komt zelfs al een nieuw blad aan. De plant was alleen wat aan de kleine kant. Beetje jammer, maar misschien wel beter, omdat hij zich dan wat makkelijker aanpast aan mijn omgeving.
Much taller than expected
The plant was almost 1 m tall. A welcomed surprise for collectors who like to go big. It will require a support pole, which affects the aesthetics of the plant, for those who care about the displayed form. I'd recommend getting the medium sized moronense for those who prefer easier care.
I couldn't be happier! It's almost 4 feet tall!!!!
The plant I received was 3 feet and 11 inches tall.. incredible. Best root system I have ever seen on any anthurium. Very hardy, seems to like cooler weather in comparison to some other Anthuriums. This plant also in my experience seems to be resistent to spider mites! Fast grower too, definitely get this one over the "Philodendron moronense (Medium) which is a lot more juvenile. 10/10 recommend, I'll definitely buy a second one:)
Große gesunde pflanze
Now a rehab plant
Giant plant arrived however the leaves quickly dropped. Hoping I can get it going again. Excited to see it grow
Tons of Potential but did not travel well
I was so so so excited for this one. It arrived pretty rough with lots of damage to the leaves and it hasn’t bounced back. One by one the leaves are failing but I will rehab and hopefully get to enjoy the lifecycle of this one. Eagerly awaiting one of those beautiful new leaves.
Huuuge and it is a tank!
This plant is a tank, it doesn't butch even having endured the long transit to Europe and hasn't even lost a leaf. Looks really nice and is just huuuge. Nice addition to my collection!
Super underrated!!!
Location: Singapore

Huuugge specimen received, it came with a few smaller leaves and two large leaves with floppy ears. Doesn't seem like much when it first arrived. Superb roots as usual from Ecuagenera, it had no trouble acclimatizing and within 2 weeks a new leaf started forming and it's the most amazing thing i've ever seen. it appears pastel pink, before turning WHITE with iridescent pink sheen, before hardening off to a light green and eventually green. Now i'm eagerly waiting for the next new leaf!

Thank you everyone at Ecuagenera for making these amazing plants available to us!!! keep up the good work!
Healthy plant
Plant arrived in Georgia, USA healthy, with good roots. It has acclimated to my home and is doing well.
Good quality!
The plant arrived in almost perfect condition, a very pretty young plant. Thank you!
Great plant !
it arrived with one leaf and a new one comes out.
Healthy roots.
Pretty good
The two main leaves wilted but the roots are still in tact and appear healthy so I'm sure it'll make a come back.