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Anthurium gracile
Anthurium gracile
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Healthy and large
Came in very large and definitely healthy, roots look great and leaves were perfect. Now that it is well established it blooms very frequently, always love seeing it.
beautiful plant arrived at home !
A very good exchange with people of Ecuagenera, very high quality of service.
less is more
I know, that we all love those shiny velvet big leave anthuriums (regale, crystalinum, magnificum, warocqueanum,...), but they tend to be really painfull pleasures without a high humidity greenhouse/terrarium. Loving plants can be so masochistic, when just can´t offer the right conditions.

But I get it, our 50% Humidity lowlight flats just aren´t the tropical mountain forrests 2000m above the pacific.

But this tiny mostly epithytic species, with nice thick green leaves ( like vittarifolium) and green petioles (can vary to reddish) is very easy in care. Also it also has a really nice pricepoint. In a hanging pot even in a low light corner, this species will be very forgiving and (at least for me) grows fast and even blooms.

That´s also what makes this plant so special and gracile. The inflorescences are very small and just way to cute with only about 1-4cm in lenght.

My plant shipped very well, in nice perlite/moss mix and came with a blossom already. It is pushing out new leaves really fast and developed 2 more inflos the last 2 moth and I´m very exited to grow baby A. graciles from seeds. While my A. clarinervium only gave me 1 new leave in 2 Years and is still struggling with the conditions and crispy tips.
So I would definetly say less is more, and who needs curtains, when you can get all the cool epiphytic Anthuries with hanging leaves (vittarifolium, pallidiflorum, bakeri, pendens, pendulifolium, gracile, wendlingeri)

But I`m also just not the person, who is buying plants for social status and desirability on instagram.

Just go to aroidpicutres.fr, IAS or read Croats books and do your research instead and get what YOU really like and think is special for YOU and not because you see thousands of overedited pics of overhybridized plants or just because a plant is expensive.

So take care of you and your plants and never stop questioning. Peace out.

Easy care plant
I got this plant with (unfortunately) mushy roots, but I popped it into water and now it's pushing out 2 new leaves + and inflo! These are really easygoing and hardy plants, with tuberous roots that look like orchid roots. One thing I am curious about is the difference in petiole colour... the photos show a reddish petiole, but my specimen has fully green petioles. Not sure if that makes a difference to anyone, just wanted to point it out!
Very good plant, very high quality service. I am very pleased
gracile & good deal
received this species in May 2021, healthy and in a n nice moss/perlite mix. Roots were fresh and it had no bigger shipping damages. After 2 weeks of acclimatisation it started pushing out a new leave, so what do you want more.

The middle vein is nicely textured and the sturdy leaves shimmer really unique like on vittarifolium.

And you´re getting al this for 20$, definitely a good deal