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Anthurium draconopterum
Anthurium draconopterum

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Note moyenne: 4,1
Love it!
Picked up 2 weeks ago in Detroit. One leave turned yellow after 2 days. Today I have a new leaf opening!
2 stars
Shipped badly. Yellowed and torn leaves. Broken stems. All leaves are a loss. Good healthy roots though so, hopefully we will get new growth in time
schöne Pflanze ohne Schäden
zwei große adulte Blätter, ohne Schädlinge oder Blattschäden erhalten.
Großes gesundes Wurzelwerk mit der Möglichkeit, diesen Stamm zu Teilen und zu Vermehren.

Ich kann nichts negatives erwähnen.
Preis-Leistung ist TOP!
Bad, broken stems
Arrived with every single stem broken. Plant of course has since died. Looked like it could’ve been nice but it was packaged really poorly. May try buying a smaller one to see if it’s packaged better, but not at all impressed with what I received.
So Beautiful
Much prettier in person, hope it makes it. Lost most of it's leaves but shoot is coming along nicely. It has a hard time in travel though it arrives in lovely condition. A really beautiful plant.
probably does not acclimatize well after shipping (in Singapore)
2 weeks after arrival, both mature leaves, new shoot completely browned, small leaf starting to brown, in a humid and well-ventilated environment. Will need to take efforts to revitalize.
Arrived in perfect condition
Arrived with lots of healthy roots, large, and in perfect condition.
Excellent, beautiful and rewarding plant
There are many unusually leafed Anthuriums out there and among my favorite is the Anthurium draconopterum. It's such a rewarding plant to grow tolerating a wide range of environments. Ecuagenera is quite possibly the only place that offers this plant.
Yellowing leaves
Probably due to temperature in Singapore, leaves began yellowing from the tips. Roots arrived in almost perfect condition
Lovely looking plant!
Plant received in good condition. It is well packaged too! Probably due to Singapore's hot weather currently, the plant is trying to acclimatise. Looking forward to new growth! A big thank you to the responsive Sales team for my order!
Arrived looking perfect even after a bit of chilly weather hit!
Biggest leaf died
This was a beautiful specimen, when it reaches Singapore, the biggest leaf was already brown and dead and developed visible leaf blight. So please be prepare your fungicide. Would definitely purchase again when it's available. Thank you to Ecua Sales team for the speedy replies and courier over at TOH Gardens.
beautiful and exotic
one of the leaves was yellow and it is completely understandable as it traveled a long way - packed beautifully and came in great shape.
Excellent specimen of this anthurium