Anthurium draconopterum

Anthurium draconopterum


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schöne Pflanze ohne Schäden (13/06/2022)
zwei große adulte Blätter, ohne Schädlinge oder Blattschäden erhalten.
Großes gesundes Wurzelwerk mit der Möglichkeit, diesen Stamm zu Teilen und zu Vermehren.

Ich kann nichts negatives erwähnen.
Preis-Leistung ist TOP!
Bad, broken stems (03/03/2022)
Arrived with every single stem broken. Plant of course has since died. Looked like it could’ve been nice but it was packaged really poorly. May try buying a smaller one to see if it’s packaged better, but not at all impressed with what I received.
So Beautiful (28/12/2021)
Much prettier in person, hope it makes it. Lost most of it's leaves but shoot is coming along nicely. It has a hard time in travel though it arrives in lovely condition. A really beautiful plant.
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