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Beautiful Philodendron
I have read reviews that mention that it looks different from the photos, and I agree. The delivered plants seem to be amore juvenile form. I love the slight velvety leaves and can't wait to grow it out to a more mature specimen.
Baby plant
This plant came not looking like the main photos. However it does look like the last juvenile plant. Just wish it was advertised that way. It’s healthy and growing well. Hoping it will start pushing out larger leave. Growth pattern is a vine.
very beautiful
Areal roots were slightly dry, but roots system healthy and good few leaves. Looking forward to get bigger leaves.
Nice juvenile plant
I got a nice juvenile plant with 7 leafs and an excellent root system.
Now after 9 days, a new leaf is emerging and one leaf is becoming vellow. I am happy and statisfied and trying now to get the plant to the adult form.
I was impressed by the superfast shipping to Germany. Plant was packed at July 4th and I received it at July 7th.
Roots all rotted when unboxed, struggling
The plant itself looks about the same as the last photo here, with about 7 small leaves and a new leaf ready to unfurl. It would be 100% gorgeous and wonderful it it had arrived with any salvageable roots. I'm currently rehabbing it and at least I haven't lost any leaves yet, but a week in about half the leaves are yellow beyond any hope. I really hope I can save the plant.
Beautiful if it had leaves left
Love the plant but when I received it, all roots are rotted. I lost all the beautiful leaves. Rehabbing it right now, hopefully it'll live.
Good plant but small leafes
I thought the plant would have larger leafes but it is a good healthy plant with a lot of aerial roots and a good rootball. It acclimated really well and grows faster than I expected.
Terribly small plant
expected a bigger plant for the price. The plant came with very small leaves and some were yellow. I was disappointed. I bought 5 plants and this was one of the more expensive one yet it was the smallest.
very well rooted, perfect condition
Very Good, Hearty philodendron for your collection
Very healthy plant and root system. Potted up easily. Hardly no stress to the plant from travel. Already sending out new leaves.
Gorgeous plant
the one i received had young leaves still shaped like a spear, it had 5 leaves when i got it and a great root system! I kept it in moss for the past few weeks and its already grown a new leaf. Lovely plant.