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Nombre d'évaluations: 21
Note moyenne: 4,5
Excellent Healthy Plant
Of the 6 plants I purchased and picked up at a pop-up event, this one was by far the healthiest. Pictures do not do this variety justice. The plants came with several leaves and is already trailing. Definitely a great value!
Out of the 8 plants in my shipment, this one has handled it the best. It was bigger than expected and only lost 1 leaf since arrival (2 weeks). I'm very happy with it.
Not a happy shipper
This guy just didn’t ship well. Root rot took all the roots, but was left with viable nodes. Yellowing took all the leaves but one and it is very limp. I’m currently trying to save it and rehab it but if you order this one get express shipping! I ordered two other plants with this one (anthuriums.. notoriously bad shippers) and they came in just fine. Ecuagenera has always been good to me; I’ll still continue to come here for my rare pant needs in the future.
Big yellow leaves
Product arrived with huge leaves. Unfortunately they were all yellowing. Roots had rot but it did have several nodes. Emailed customer service about this plant and was told that it was still a healthy looking specimen and was going to be replaced only if it dies.
Healthy Specimen
I live in South East Asia so this plant would have travelled a fair way to get to me. For what it's been through, my plant came in great condition. Over the past 3 weeks, the plant has remained stable, with a leaf unfurling - I take that as a good sign. Ordering plants in cooler weather in my part of the world also seems to help the plants settle in their new home much faster. My previous batch - ordered in June - took longer to acclimate with hotter temperatures although both are now stable and growing.
Really good plant
This plant came as a really good rooted and big plant wich acclimated relatively fast.
5/5 - big, beautiful
Plants came in beautiful and very large. Like many imports, the roots were almost completely rotted away, but after chopping everything back, I still have yet to lose a single node. Packing was excellent and so was the customer service.
Had a difficult time acclimating even in high humidity. Received with a few good roots that ended up browning and I had to cut off. There were originally four healthy leaves when it arrived, and three of them fell off. Fortunately, the single leaf is allowing enough energy to grow new leaves. Roots have grown back.
Healthy plant with good roots. A lot of the leaves dropped but still happy.
Still healthy after 2 weeks.
Arrived well packaged and is acclimatising fine, but I got a plant with small leaves.
mostly good
My plant came as a vine with about 6 leaves on it, but had a very small root system that wasn't the healthiest on arrival.
Gorgeous and huge
I received a huge specimen, the largest leaves in my collection. Absolutely stunning.
Sadly it did have some root rot, but it looks like it's rooting okay
Great plant!
Really healthy roots and large leaves. It's already sprouting a leaf since I got it. Pretty resilient plant and acclimated well in my room.
Received a beautiful, healthy and strong plant (ordered together with Ph. Tenue). Both plants had strong, beautiful roots and the plant just look amazing! Thank you so much dear Ecuagenera Team, will order soon again :-)
Healthy leaves and root system. easily acclimated and put out new leaves
healthy and beauty
This little guy arrived in the end of december 2020 after one night staying at ups with temperatures below zero. but had no flaws at all, every leaf was and still is ( 2weeks acclimation) in great condition
Shipped well
Arrived with two leaves 4'' long. Well rooted with no pest. Well packaged and shipped well.
plants got stressed from shipping but recovered quickly..thanks