Philodendron rugapetiolatum

Philodendron rugapetiolatum


Modes de livraison possibles: Ramassage à l'exposition commerciale ou au stand d'exposition, Expédition par les transports publics en Équateur, Livraison vers l´autres pays - pas de shows, Araceae expédition à l´adresse des États-Unis, Araceae livraison à l´Europe, Araceae à Ramassage à l'exposition en Europe, Ramassage du Canada Show (Aroids), Ramassage dans le show en Russie, Á prendre de l´éxposition de Singapour, Expédition vers: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, UPS Express Saver Aroids, Adresse de livraison au Canada, Expédition au Royaume-Uni, UPS Express Saver Aroids Allemagne

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Note moyenne: 4,2
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Arrived all yellow leaves (03/08/2021)
Was excited for the beautiful corrugated texture of the leaves, unfortunately arrived with yellow leaves and stem damage from the journey. Roots had browned in dry moss, while the rest of the order remained damp. I remained hopeful for the emerging green growth point, kept medium moist, in high humidity with air flow, bright indirect. Unusually, the rugapetiolatum (all remnants brown) could not recover like the more vigorous plants I've acclimated from Ecuagenera.
Beautiful plant (01/07/2021)
Such a beautiful plant with stunning leaf texture. Arrived with some yellowing leaves. Seems to be recovering well and starting to grow.
Stunning plant (18/06/2021)
The plant I received was gorgeous and healthy looking however there was only one small root. It seems to be establishing well aside from that.
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