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Note moyenne: 3,6
doesnt ship too well
2 leaves yellowed have to cut off
Oh wow, this is an enormous fully matured plant! It is approximately 15 inches tall, full leaved and rooted. I dont know what is happening but the plants I received in this shipment are fantastic. Keep up the excellent quality!
Big specimen with difficult recovery
This is my second time with this plant, first ordering it directly from Ecuagenera. I received a very well packaged large plant-4 mature leaves, 1 opening and an active growth point and healthy roots. It was beautiful and firm when i took it out of the box but was not happy with my humidity at all. Medium humidity caused drooping' high humidity did as well, along with some leaf damage and browning. Within a week i had cut all the leaves off and chopped to propagate. Luckily roots were established on most nodes, but the Top cutting still trying to survive in my cabinet but having a rough time establishing roots. Hoping a good rehab will fix it.
Did not withstand shipping
Came with 3 huge leaves!
But just on the 2nd day, 2 leaves turned yellow and fell off soon after.
The one and only leaf, didnt make it past 1 week, yellow and died.
It is about 2 months since i got it, still no new leaves.
Roots came pretty decent, but not the most robust, may be thats the reason why it didnt make it until now. Sigh, what a waste of money now
Update: Plant is fully acclimated
Just wanted to give an update. It's been about a month and the plant has acclimated and it has plenty of new roots with new growth. The leaves are firm and perky. It's been recently planted in an aroid mix and it's looking lovely. Now it's time to enjoy watching this baby grow!!!
Arrived in expected condition
Beautiful plant. It did arrive wilted, but it was expected because of travel. I immediately put it in water, gave it lots of humidity and it bounced back and doing wonderful. Today it's has a new growth and it's growing new strong roots.
Bought two, both did not survive
I was really looking forward to receiving this plant but unfortunately, they did not ship very well. Maybe it was just this batch, but I'm willing to give it a second try given that some of the other reviewers had good luck with it.
If only the roots were established...
Beautiful plant but arrived with one yellow leaf and unestablished roots. Some of the roots were rotted. I'm propping in water in hopes it will produce healthy root system.
Second try was worth it!
Really large specimen came with great roots, I put these particular type of plants straight in water (in a tall vessel) when I receive them. Learned my lesson the first time. Trust, they need that level of moisture out of the box and will perk up quickly. These are not beginner plants but they are a must have for any philodendron collection.
very good size plant
plant arrived in good condition with 3 beautiful leaves. the root system is a little bit smaller than expected but pretty healthy... in general I highly recommend this plant :D
Arrived in need of rehab in bouncing back
My order was part of the Canada-wide group order, when I picked it up from the designated person in my city, the plants were in loose open plastic bags with signs of yellowing. This particular plant has been sitting looking wilted for over a month, but recently started growing new roots and leaves look more stiff. It's a beautiful plant and is worth the effort. High humidity is a must.
Complete trash
Order 2 of these on a rather large order. Plants arrived compelling rotted after 5 days in the mail. Specifically purchased overnight shipping. Plants were sent priority after being held an extra day. THE ENTIRE ORDER WAS GARBAGE. They offered 10% off my next purchase to make it right. Just the latest of terrible experiences with this company. Will never give them another dollar.
Doesn't ship well at all
This is the second time I have ordered this plant and like first time the plant arrived in very poor shape. Leaves are wilted and floppy already at arrival and only a few days after arrival they brown and crisp up. The roots are also rotten like the first time. I will try to rehab this one but since the first specimen died when trying to rehab it I do not have high hopes for my second plant. Moreover I requested a refund or replacement for the first plant, since it arrived in such a bad shape but the costumer service refused.
It is not recommended
I ordered 2 of those but came with poor root systems and Died after 2weeks.
Horrible experience.
I will post all pictures on Instagram and share other people.
Arrived wilted, difficult rehabbing
It arrived with wilted leaves and some damage on leaves. It's sitting in a very humid place, trying to recover, but really a struggle.
I have two of these plants and I think they could be one of my favorites because of the look of them. The fuzzy petioles are amazing. But of all the plants I have ordered these are some of the worst shape after shipping. They arrive really droopy and sad. They just don't want to bounce back. I still have hope that they will establish their roots and give me some leaves. Right now they are both just sticks.
Plant is beautiful!
I ordered 2 of them and received them last week
They came in poor conditionand rehab.
one plant lost most leaves and really sad I don’t think it could survive. But the other one could survive.
These plants are beautiful! Beautiful shiny dark green leaves and unique stem! I recommend!
Fantastic specimen
My fuzzy plant came in with four pretty good Sized leaves and one unfurling. I lost most of the leaves in acclamation but the plant is doing very well and bouncing back
Great experience
Plant arrived in bad condition,wilted and dead,stressed during the shipment.But great experience with customer service Ecuagenera consultant is very pleasant to deal with,issued refund.
Love love love.
Better than expected
Got a reasonably sized plant than expected. Leaves were in very good condition.
Arrived in style this time!
My 1st arrived with battered leaves and root rot. As a result it didn’t survive.

Thanks to Ecuagenera Sales Consultant Mr C.O. for his assurance on a replacement plant. It arrived with 3 adult leaves + a new lime green leaf. I’m specially amazed with the new shoot; the white fur on the red Petiole is simply stunning!
Arrived in style this time!
My 1st arrived with battered leaves and root rot. As a result it didn’t survive.

Thanks to Ecuagenera Sales Consultant Mr C.O. for his assurance on a replacement plant. It arrived with 3 adult leaves + a new lime green leaf. I’m specially amazed with the new shoot; the white fur on the red Petiole is simply stunning!
Beautiful and hang in there
Beautiful plant arrived in good size, all leaves but one had shipping damage and had to be cut. Since then, it is holding up on that single leaf very well.
Good condition
Received one in good shape with 2 leaves. Plant is healthy but small.. Roots are healthy.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
Ordered 1 with USPS express to Austin TX. Does not ship well. Arrived with healthy roots and 2/3 leaves damaged. Roots were good but baby small. Currently regrowing root system in greenhouse. Ask for return policy before purchase. It seems that when you order many plants, they get packaged worst.
Not sure I received the right plant
Looking at the other reviews, I am quite convinced, I received the wrong plant. The petioles are rather of a brownish colour and the leaves are small. Three stars only for the fact that it survived and had no stem rot.
Two-thumbs Up !
Due to heat, my first order was dead on arrival. Ecuagenera delivered its promise of replacing it and they did it with flying colors. As always, Ecuagenera packed this plant professionally and with care. It has huge leaves and nice bright red fuzzy petioles. This Philo impressed me so much that it became my all-time favorite Philo.
Arrived with a HUGE leaf & looking very good!! Very healthy & throwing a new leaf now. The petioles are just amazing! Thank you so much!! LOVE it!
Nice plant
Came in perfect. No blemishes from shipping. Healthy root system on a large plant.
Arrived in perfect condition in Europe, beautiful colorful stems and petioles
Lost all leaves upon arrival...
This was one of two plants I received where they were just not properly wrapped for shipping or were unhealthy when they were sent because I had to cut all the leaves off of it since they were dead upon arrival. I am so disappointed because I planned on making many more purchases with Ecuagenera, but I have reached out twice for a replacement and have not heard back at all.
Very beautiful plant, arrived in perfect shape with a lot of leaves :)