Ceratostema pendens

Ceratostema pendens


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Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 4,7
Healthy plant (30/04/2023)
Didn't seem to suffer at all from shipping. All the stems look nice and it came with a good root system and a caudex the size of an avocado pit. No loss of foliage after more than a week.
Doing well after import (19/12/2022)
This is difficult to find in the US and I was glad to be able to order it.

The import process is hard on the plant, but mine came with one stem in absolutely perfect shape and one with some damage in line with expected shipping shock. I rehydrated before planting in a loose mix and installing in a cabinet with about 70% humidity. (I would not expect it to do well in ambient indoor US humidity.) The healthier stem is doing great, and I think I will be able to keep part of the transit damaged stem.
Traveled well (06/12/2020)
A beautiful plant and didn't take travel too hard. Good size to start with.

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