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Note moyenne: 4,8
Pianta bellissima
Ho ricevuto la mia pianta ben imballata e senza danni, con tantissime radici e 4 foglie (due già belli grandi)
Very nice quality
Very nice quality for an import especially. One of the older leaves is likely going to die off, but I am extremely happy with how the plant was packaged and the price compared to items I can purchase locally.
Excellent plant
My beautiful Magnificum came with 2 big leaves ant two smaller ones. Healthy roots and currently acclimating in my grow tent. Awesome packaging and yes, Ecuagenera is my favourite plant company!!!
Very good and i still have good leaves on the plant is doing well
Excellent plant, great product and great service from Ecuagenera!!
Very nice
Great root system and beautiful leaves
Great plant
Received plant at the end of November 2021 well packaged and protected. It didn’t seem to have suffered on its trip to the UK, despite the very cold weather. Two large leaves and the roots were very healthy. Not too much damage and the plant seems to be acclimatising really well. Thanks ecuagenera!
Large plant thriving
It arrived and never dropped a single leaf! Beautiful plant
Very beautiful plant!
Ecuagenera never disappoints me! And this plant has not been the exception, very healthy, good size, I have received it with at least 4 leaves, all without signs of stress.
Large plant!
Its ok
Going well! Had some weird white stuff on the leaves that still can't come off though. Not sure what it could be.
Packing, Time in Transit, Condition of Plant.Roots, Leaves
I received notifications through the entire process. I had 3 plants in this order, each packed extremely well. The Magnifcum was Bright, Healthy, nice White Roots. This was oder number 4
Very happy
Plants arrived with great roots and larger than expected. Will order again with no hesitation.
Such a great shipper, and very easy to acclimate!
The only problem I have with this is that it roots too quickly and I find that I'm having to size up its pot fairly quickly!
Nice but all leaves damaged
2-4 leaves per plant with atleast 1 big leaf. I ordered 2 sets, all of them are damaged, one is almost dead. Still needs alot of work for 2 months now. A bit disappointing to display it with damaged leaves. As a hobbyist, it is important for me that the plants looks nice to reduce my anxeity. So far, 1 plant is doing okay with it's damaged leaves, and the other one, became just a chunk with 1 leaf left. Hopefully survives in the greenhouse cabinet.. My first time ordering at Ecuagenera. I have mixed feelings, (9 plants in total) since the weather is perfect in Europe for importing plants. All of my plants are damaged, some are almost dead.
Arrived looking very healthy, no leaf damage whatsoever and good roots. I'm very happy with it!
This was my first time ordering from Ecuagenera. The leaves on this were huge and the roots were well established! I'm sure it had to do with its size, but the original leaves experienced some shipping damage - minimal yellowing but the stems are a little wonky and the leaves don't hang down right. However, it just put out a beautiful new leaf two months later and I love watching it grow bigger each day. I'm so happy with my purchase!
Arrived in excellent condition
This plant arrived in near perfect condition, with very minimal shipping damage despite there being a delay in the package arriving. The roots were big, with minimal root rot. The leaves were practically perfect, and huge! This plant is absolutely beautiful.
Plant arrived healthy and ready for a new home! 3 big leaves and a lot of healthy-looking roots. Somehow, the sphagnum moss the roots were wrapped in was still slightly damp! Very happy with this product and with Ecuagenera :-)
Beautiful Plant
I got it with 4 big leaves and pretty healthy root system. It acclimated perfectly in my greenhouse.
Une etoile
Plante arrivée bien emballée mais n'a pas survécu au bout d'une semaine. Dommage!
I ordered 1 anthurium magnificum and 1 crystallinum, both arrived in great condition, 4 and 5 leaves respectively. I am very lucky and thank you very much Ecuagenera for sending me these 2 gorgeous plants
Must buy!
It came with 4 leaves and the roots were really good. It was a very healthy plant.
Beautiful healthy plant
It arrived with 3 beautiful large leaves.
I am extremely happy how it was packed (as always).
Pant is healthy. A lot of healthy roots.
perfect condition
The packing is amazingly good. The plants arrived safe and sound. Good size plants and price comparision. Definetly recommended!
Great Plant!
~I’ve had my plant for 20 days. This was my first time importing a plant~ My plant came in with 3 nice sized leaves, with very minimal (barely noticeable) damage. Currently, its biggest leaf is about 10 inches, while its smallest is about 7 inches. It is also beginning to put out a new leaf. It came with lots of roots, but over the past 20 days, I’ve slowly had to cut them off (the sheaths and go squishy and slide off). HOWEVER, during this time, it has quickly grown many new roots (I’ve been keeping it in water). The leaves are also still in fantastic condition (no yellowing, no browning). Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.
Wow wow wow
Just received my plant and it is in amazing condition, has very healthy large leaves, the plant itself is much bigger than I expected it to be and the root system is small but very healthy. Overall a really beautiful plant
nice sized plant
didn't think it would be this big! Very happy with my purchase, shipped well
Big and beautiful
Had a great experience with Ecuagenera! the plants I received were packed good with good condition; the customer service is friendly, I would highly recommend them, and would definitely buy more plants from them!!!
My plant came with three very large leaves, all in really good condition. Had a really large root system that is completely healthy
great quality
bought a few of these and very happy with all 4. 3-5 leaves of which the largest measures 28cm and 3 have new growth points. Roots are healthy and have acclimatised very easily.
Truly magnificent as the name implies
My mag arrived with 4 leaves and very healthy roots. My experience seems to align with most of the other reviewers'. It immediately started growing new roots from higher up its stem, which two weeks later are nearly dug in to the pon mixture its in. It acclimated immediately and seems very happy, looking like there's a new leaf about to bust out.
Wonderful order
It's been a few weeks since the plant arrived, and it has had no problems or even signs of stress acclimating to my IKEA greenhouse. Roots were super healthy and plenty of them, huge leaves with no damage. I am extremely happy with my order! For reference, I paid extra to upgrade to the Express shipping to California and it was worth it I think.
Beautiful heathy plant.
Plant arrived without any damage to leaves. It has substantial healthy roots. Some mold has started to grow on paper in which roots were wrapped in. It acclimates easily, no issues so far.
This anthurium arrived in perfect condition. No damage to it's two leaves or massive root system, and it's proving to be easy to acclimate so far. don't hesitate to buy this :)
Overall good
Size was okay, expected it to be a bit bigger. But well... it will grow, right :). Roots are good. Travelled well. So overall its good!
Perfect plant in a great quality
Plant received in three leafs, healthy roots. Should pay attention that sales staff was communicating promptly and responsive (there was one issue with delivery option and compromise was found). Thanks you!
Exactly as described
Medium sized juvenile plant. Shipped in Feb to CA with no issues. Took about a month to grow new roots and acclimate. Make sure to attend to any rotting roots upon arrival.
I was pretty surprised with this specimen its so beautiful!! I wasn't expecting for the leaves to be big! i received mine with healthy roots as well!
My plant arrived in really good condition for being shipped in winter. The leaves are a little crispy but are still gorgeous. It had a good chunk and with definitely bounce back quickly. Great purchase at a great price!
Big healthy plant.
Better than expected. It shipped perfectly and arrived in amazing condition. It was my first time ordering with Ecuagenera but they now have a new faithful client. Customer service was awesome as well. Really happy with the purchase!
Perfect! I agree with the others that it looks just like the second photo, and slightly larger than expected. The plant shipped well and looks very healthy!
The plant shipped well, and is already making a beautiful new leaf. I love it.
Healthy and big
Bigger than I expected. It looks like the second picture. The roots are healthy and the leaves did not suffer any damage. It's perfect!
Really good experience!
The plant arrived in perfect condition, this while the temperature was not the best. Got 4 leaves, needed to remove 1, but overal it has 3 healthy leaves and loads of good roots.
Ich habe die Pflanze in Schloss Holte abholen können und bin begeistert. Die Pflanze ist gut bewurzelt und unerwartet groß
A. magnificum arrived during the coldest part of the year in perfect condition with a root system as big as a softball with fat white roots with no rot, coupled with four 10" x 8" leaves leads to a chant of "we're not worthy, we're not worthy!" to the maestros at Ecuagenera. Awesome plant!
Great specimens
Despite the dead of winter and temperature dropping to -5°C on the day of delivery plants are nearly pristine shape. I ordered three of them: one came with two leaves, second with three and third with four. The largest blades are around 20cm in length. Roots in very good shape, extensive. I would definitely recommend buying them.
A big 10
Beautiful plant with one big leave and 4 smaller ones. Great roots! Love it! Thank you!
WOW. Thank you SO much Ecuagenera. I received a very mature plant with 2 large leaves measuring approximately 11-12 inches each. Both easily larger than my big head. The packaging was excellent as usual and not a folded leaf in sight. Shipping was prompt as well resulting in no cold damage or leaf stress even in winter (1/29/2021). I'm eternally grateful.
just like the picture
My plant arrived with 3 leaves. It is a beautiful plant it shipped great. I'm not giving this a 5-star review because the roots were not amazing. It came with 3 strands of roots but they were all healthy. Would purchase again
Great plants!
Received a very healty plant like pictured in No,2 pic, it is seedling I cant wait for it to grow!!
got a seedling
Ecuagenera has sent me a seedling instead of a full grown Magnificum, however this situation has been handled really well from the customer service side.
In addition to that, I live in a nordic country, so I was hesitant on ordering in winter, I asked a seller to provide a heatpack for the package. When it came in December the temperature was below zero Celsius and no heatpack included. Magnificum leaves had frostbites on the leaves, and a very well and healthy root system. Frozen parts have dried away and after 4 weeks of my care it pushed a new bigger leave. So, overall a good order, but probably I won't order plants in winter season anymore, as not all plants can survive the shipping.