Anthurium pendens Ecuagenera

Anthurium pendens Ecuagenera

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Fresh, big plant with healthy roots (06/09/2021)
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This particular anthurium has 2 very long beautiful leaves, about 2 feet long. The leaves are shiny, velvety, elongated - a true stunner!
Arrived in bad shape (04/09/2021)
Among 90% nice shape plants in the same package, this plant was a big disappointment. It came with 2 fair sized leaves, one was badly deformed and the other had a large dry patch in the middle of the leaf. No roots attached. I contacted Ecuagenera and they said they will replace it if it died.
It is alive but in dormancy since July. No change as of yet. Was it worth $90? No.

Also, my question about the scientific name of it wasn't answered. It is very similar to A. Vittarifolium that I have 2 specimens. I would appreciate the correct scientific names for plants.
Long Leaves (18/08/2021)
Long leaves and healthy roots. There's not much more you can ask for. The fact that there was no damage is just the icing on the cake. This plant is loved.
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