Anthurium cuspidatum Amazonas

Anthurium cuspidatum Amazonas


Modes de livraison possibles: Ramassage à l'exposition commerciale ou au stand d'exposition, Expédition par les transports publics en Équateur, Livraison vers l´autres pays - pas de shows, Araceae expédition à l´adresse des États-Unis, Araceae livraison à l´Europe, Araceae à Ramassage à l'exposition en Europe, Ramassage du Canada Show (Aroids), Ramassage dans le show en Russie, Á prendre de l´éxposition de Singapour, Expédition vers: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, UPS Express Saver Aroids, Adresse de livraison au Canada, Expédition au Royaume-Uni, UPS Express Saver Aroids Allemagne

Évaluations client de Anthurium cuspidatum Amazonas

Nombre d'évaluations: 3
Note moyenne: 4,3
Looks like it, grows well (05/08/2021)
Purchased & shipped to Canada in June. 1-2 ok roots but had no issues rooting and pushed out a new leaf that month. Similar size as pictured. Easy to care plant
Beautiful heathy plant, but had shipping issues (08/04/2021)
Unfortunately plant arrived with severe damage to leaves. Two leaves from three were snapped off, one leave was completely black, other half black. Other plants in the same parcel were fine, perhaps it's more sensitive for shipment? It has substantial healthy roots. Plant with one slightly damaged leave is acclimating now. I do hope it will survive and show some new growth in upcoming couple of months.
Stunning plant (06/04/2021)
The plant arrived in great condition with healthy roots, just as expected based on their photos. I cannot do this plant justice for how beautiful its foliage is. I would definitely get more if they were still in stock.

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