Évaluations client de Philodendron verrucapetiolum (medium)

Philodendron verrucapetiolum (medium)
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Philodendron verrucapetiolum (medium)

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Nombre d'évaluations: 7
Note moyenne: 3
Came in looking great
Plant came with most leaves intact and looking great. It started to thrive and putting out new leaves one after another. Few months down the road this plant slowly deteriorates till it dropped it's last remaining leaf. Not sure whats happening, hope that it will still come back....
Great shipper
seems to be a very robust plant. Nice sized leaves and the size is also good. The leaves are 25cm+ in size. I am happy, thank you Ecuagenera.
Terrible shipper
This didn't arrive in great condition and lost all its leaves shortly after arriving. It's such a shame cause I liked this plant a lot.
bad buy
This was very promising at the beginning with most leaves falling aside from the 2 newest. Sadly, within 48hrs, all leaves are gone.
Very nice along with fast shipping. Thanks again.
Didn't ship well
Plants arrived with 3 battered leaves which didnt do well after 2 days. Roots was clearly having issues with rotting and the plant went all droopy the next day and this continued for another 3 days before I cut down the leaves to encourage new roots to form, provided the plant can make it through. I really wish people dont have to pay $65 for rehabilitation work.
Beautiful plant, with many leaves