Lepanthes uxoria

Lepanthes uxoria

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An excellent specimen, very interesting flowers (17/06/2020)
I have had the plant for about 2 months now. It arrived as a beautiful mounted plant with 6 well developed leaves and 2 flowers open when received. I lost a couple leaves early on, but after moving it around a couple times and eventually moving it into a small covered terrarium with low light, it is flowering again and this week a new leaf is emerging! Lovely dark green upper leaf surface and maroon undersides are very striking.
Nice plant, arrived with 7 leaves mounted. (10/05/2020)
So far so good. Beautiful round leaves, the underside of the leaves are a dark maroon, tops a dark green. There was one flower on the plant upon arrival, very interesting color and shape, flowers on the underside of the leaves! Looking forward to keeping it going.

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