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Dryadella simula

Dryadella simula

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Número de evaluaciones: 9
Evaluación media: 4,7
Very happy!
Plant arrived in good health. I have had this plant for 1 year and it has been in constant bloom. My growing conditions are a controlled 58°F night to 76°F day, 83% humidity and a 14 hour photoperiod of shade.
Very healthy and large bundle! I am so happy with this specimen I am going to order several more. Very pleased!!!
Orchidée en bonne santé
Elle a perdu des feuilles à l'arrivée, mais a repris des forces et en a fait des nouvelles de suite.
J'attends qu'elle fleurisse avec impatience.
very large but no roots
It is very large but it arrived very dry and without any roots. The leaves are all shriveled.
Good size and healthy
The plant arrive in really good shape. The roots are healthy and the leaves are all beautiful.
Planta en buenas condiciones y con las raices muy saludables y robustas.
Very robust plant!
I recieved a very robust and healthy plant. Just beautiful! There were a few flowers and buds on the plant already and they are so cool.
Plant come in good condition. I looks healthy.
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