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Dracula simia

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Dracula simia

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Número de evaluaciones: 7
Evaluación media: 4,7
Beautiful plant
Came in Europe/Sweden in perfect condition. Nice size, excellent plant. Perfect packed !
Lost almost all of its leaves upon arrival.
I know this is a delicate plant and shipping can be tricky. I received a nice plant but it lost 10 of the 13 leaves it came from (including the new growth) with the pseudobulbs withering in the process. The damage was made by an excess of water. I hope I can recover this beautiful plant to see it bloom.
Nice Healthy Plant
I received my Dracula Simia bare root. It was in good shape. Potted it up and is doing fine!
I must join the other commenters! I received a nice, healthy plant! I cannot wait to see it in bloom.
Large, healthy plant
I received a large, healthy plant, which arrived in excellent condition via Priority Mail Express; and it appears to be adjusting well to its new location.
Very healthy plant
The Dracula simia that was shipped is a very nice healthy plant
I'm very happy with them!
I received 3 beautiful Dracula simias, the largest and healthiest I have ever had. They are still doing very well after many weeks. Im so happy with my purchase.