Miltoniopsis Lime Light "imogene Smith"

Miltoniopsis Lime Light "imogene Smith"

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WOW - great condition (26/08/2022)
A few weeks ago I received a plant in bud and its blooming now. Never had luck with Miltoniopsis before. :)
Buyers beware (14/06/2022)
Nothing wrong with the plant
But you are not getting "Imogene Smith"
They are selling hybrids of Limelight.
Another words, false advertisements
Very Poor (23/10/2020)
Small, anemic, sickly plant 4 inches tall with a few pseudobulbs. It had a tiny root ball (~2 inches) covered in sphagnum & wrapped in plastic. Most of the roots were rotted. Not worth the money. Poor prognosis for survival. Ugh!

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