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Geogenanthus ciliatus

Geogenanthus ciliatus


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Número de evaluaciones: 11
Evaluación media: 4,4
Looks a little sad
Root ball was super wet. I tried changing the medium to a drier one but the roots were holding onto the medium so tightly. Eventually, lost more than half the leaves. Trying my best to save what's remaining :(
Didn't survive the trip to Europe
The plant arrived in a very wet soil, all the leaves were rotten and eventually it died..
Great surprise - purple all the way
The plant I received was in great condition, with rootball already at a size ready for 15cm/6” pot. 12 leaves and multiple shoots. Definitely recommend for someone into understory plants that are little different. Loving the purple abaxial part of the leaves Very hardy when it comes to shipping.
beautiful plant
this plant came larger than expected! the leaves and roots are all in great condition and i am excited to pot it up, though it may be hard to achieve the high humidity everyone suggests as i do not have a terrarium. will see how it adapts!
Large plant
I received a large 7-leaf plant with a good root system. The plant arrived pretty well, with the root system intact and the plants only slightly wilty. My suggestion is to put this plant immediately in a terrarium or something with 90%+ humidity, otherwise the leaves will shrivel.
Huge plants.
Like many of the other reviewers, I was blown away by the size of these plants! I ordered several, and most had leaves bigger than my hand. They arrived in good shape even in our 20-degree weather. Highly recommend!
Larger than expected plant!
Plant traveled a long way and didn't fare well during the super hot temps during shipping. Leaves are a little wilty, but root system is healthy so it should recover. :)
Big and Beautiful
The plant arrived today and I was nervous because it had quite a long travel. It has one massive leaf and a very large root system. All of which are super healthy. I am blown away by the size of this plant. I'm so thrilled! Thank you!
Photo is quite misleading when it comes to the size of the actual plant. But, it was shipped out quickly & packed well. Plant arrived without damage and just a little thirsty. Largest leaf was about 5" in diameter and the roots were about a 10" away from the actual leaves of the plant.
beautiful specimen!
This was a very large plant, much bigger than expected and extremely healthy.
Picked up plant at Tamiami show. Plant was of nice size, very well packed and in excellent condition.