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Anthurium veitchii type

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Anthurium veitchii type

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Highly recommended
The plant I received had 4 healthy leaves and the roots were surprisingly thick and healthy. This is a very sought after specimen and I am glad I was able to get one from Ecuagenera. This is actually my very first purchase from them. Cheers!
They always has good healthy plants ,now I have let grow because this like the 3rd one I brought
well received but could be bigger
shipped well to Singapore with a very healthy root system. 4 stars as I felt that the plant could be bigger as I was paying more as compared to the veitchii type medium, however the plant I received felt more "medium" sized.
Many leaves
Juvenile but many leaves. Shipped great and has several growth points. Very happy
Really nice plant, no dammage of any kind and a tonne of roots.
best quality !!!
Stunning and huge plant with gorgeous leaves and root system!
Ecuagenera is the best company to order your plants!
Always professional s and always wants to help you in any case to be happy with your orders!
Beautiful leaves and healthy plant
I picked up this plant at a recent Pop Up event. It was inside a small nursery pot. The leaves are shiny, long, big and stunning. I was really happy. It is thriving now in my greenhouse. Thank you for a wonderful plant!
Great little plant.
Came with three leaves and good roots. Potted in aroid mix and top dressed with sphagnum moss. Two weeks on and it is doing well, with strong root growth. Some leaves will get "kinked" with the packaging, but will realign after growing out a little.
Beautiful plant, very well packaged
I live in warm climate and they are doing great too
the plant came with healthy roots and few beauiful leaf with very minor mechanical damage, only one small leaf has slight yellowing due to dehydration.
under a month a new leaf unfurl and grew quite big and I very surprised! the plant acclimatise almost right away.
Good size but some rot issues
The newest leaf is large but the roots were partially rotted and necrosis on some leaves upon arrival. Hoping to turn this around. A good size for price.
Beautfiul leaves but lost roots
Arrived with healthy looking leaves. Unfortunately the roots did not fair the same way. Still a good specimen for its price but will have to rehab to get more roots.
A beautiful plant
The plant arrived in excellent condition (I live in the EU, in Estonia) and is doing well after several weeks. I am very happy with it.
Perfect !
I ordered two plants and there were beautiful, healthy plants. Healthy root system, leaves with no demage. Extremely happy with this plants.
Healthy, large plant.
This plant exceeded my expectations. Leaves were large, and roots were full and healthy overall. Would definitely buy again.
Good size plant
Plant came with some shipping damage. I suspect it happened during packing since I received three plants in a relatively small narrow box. But I'm sure it will recover soon enough, it's just a leaf. The plant itself is a good size and leaves and roots look healthy.
Another handsome looking plants!
It arrived looking fabulous, no root rot, and no dried leaves. I'm very happy with it.
Healthy and well packaged
My anthurium came well packed with a healthy root system. Shipping was prompt and within the time frames specified - Elizabeth is always courteous and kept me informed about shipping info.
plant arrived safely..very healthy plant..will order some more..highly recommended!!
Really nice plant
Plant arrived in perfect condition, three good sized leaves without any damage. Great service from Ecuagenera as always! Highly recommended.