Anthurium splendidum

Anthurium splendidum


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PER-FECT (29/03/2022)
I ordered Splendidum to go well with my other bullated Luxurians. Careful they are NOT brothers, while Luxurians is easy to please, this one is a must-have-unbearable-level humidity, so you can't just keep it in your house. It needs a terrarium or at least a big enough jar etc. I had time to prepare and it's acclimating well in a Biorb Air 60, at 94-95% humidity, proper ventilation, 26-28 degrees C and 12 hrs light. I was amazed how well it did while shipping, other plants in same batch did not do so well but Splendidum kept in great shape!
Amazing Anthurium (20/03/2022)
This anthurium came in great condition and has acclimated faster than any previous imports. Keeping these in an enclosed container with lost of humidity is a must. I Keep mine in a cloche on top of lava rock and a water tray on top of a heat mat, and it has already rooted and is pushing out a new leaf after just two weeks! Definitely recommend buying your splendidum from Ecuagenera!
Beautiful planted shipped perfectly. (24/09/2021)
Received a beautiful 3 leafed specimen, packed in a domed plastic container to retain 99%+ humidity. Note that this plant ABSOLUTELY NEEDS 99%+ CONSTANT humidity. I experimented with it at 90-95 and this caused irreversible damage after only several hours. I plan on buying more splendidum from Ecua, but only after I have perfected an environment for them. The highest humidity you can give them, and sufficient air flow so that it doesn't rot.
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