Anthurium kunthii

Anthurium kunthii

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This plant is a vigorous climber! (26/03/2022)
Not gonna lie, it looked like garbage for a while, but after it acclimated, it started growing like crazy! New leaves almost remind me of a Money Tree, theyre so cute. Very happy with it now, I recommend having very very high humidity. I agree with the other review here, definitely keep it extra moisture when it's pushing out a new leaf. I would 9/10 recommend, it's like a more affordable A. polyschistum, and more vigorous:)
Very nice species (25/11/2021)
The plant shipped well and I love thist species. It is a pleasure to observe how a leaf is emerging from a tiny less than 1cm thingie to a nice mature leaf. It needs some humidity and should not try out, especially when a new leaf is emerging.
Also it is a climbing species so it need a pole, wall or something like that.

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