Anthurium coriaceum

Anthurium coriaceum

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Amazing plant! Very hardy (26/03/2022)
This plant is so so so so hardy. I left it outside in 1°C overnight by accident, and it didn't have any damage from the cold whatsoever. It had a fabulous root system, by far the easiest plant to acclimate ive ever imported. I have humidity of 40% and this plant is still doing well. The leaves on mine were about 30 cm long, and it came with 12 leaves and 4 growing points! I'm impressed
this plant seemed to acclimate well (07/02/2022)
Bigger than expected. (28/02/2021)
I had never heard of this plant but loved the look from the picture. It is more impressive than its pic. I'm happy I took a chance. I can tell this will be a statement plant. Long, slender, upright leaves that feel very hardy. My plant arrived healthy and is growing nicely.

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