Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians

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Increible (03/03/2023)
Took one month to arrived to Spain, but the waiting worth it! Incredible!!
Three good leaves with a dense and healthy root system. Muchas gracias!
This was 1 of 10+ plants i ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This plant arrived bigger than I expected, looked as pictured, very nice root system, no damage or yellowing. This beauty has behaved as though it were never shipped. All 3 big, stunning orignal leaves are still present and it has a fantastic root system now. It has pushed out a new leaf which is not even close to hardening off yet and it is already the size of my face and the leaves emerge a red color so if the size and texture wasn't already gorgeous enough the color emerging is wild and the dark that it hardens off too is just as beautiful. So very happy I caught this one on sale and took a chance...such a beautiful and strong plant
Very nice plant with excellent root system. (21/08/2022)
Tall plant with 4 flawless medium sized leaves. Healthy root system. I ordered my plant on sale and got it for $128 (down from $160), picked it up in person in Seattle. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Just be aware that authurium pricing can be volatile over short term due to supply (finally) outpaced demand. It could very easily be vice versa, just last year a luxurian of this size would have gone for over $260 easily.
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