Anthurium warocqueanum x Anthurium waterburyanum

Anthurium warocqueanum x Anthurium waterburyanum



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Always the BEST from Ecuagenera (22/11/2021)
Picked up an Ecuagenera SA order @ the show in town from Ecuagenera USA. Their sales table was PACKED full of goodies!
Was looking for an A. warocqueanum (Not crossed), saw this one instead & got it. OMG, what a spectacular plant! Totally blown away by the look of these leaves,A truly spectacular specimen! So glad to get too buy this beauty at the show. Thank you Ecuagenera for offering such awesome plants for sale @ reasonable prices. A1+++ bar none!
Love it! (12/08/2021)
Recently, I had the privileged to be presented with this rare specimen from one of the sales consultant; it was initially a strange mixed feeling since I’ve requested for this specimen 6 months ago and there hasn’t been updates on the availability.

Kudos to Israel for always being so attentive and remembering my wish list plants.

Nonetheless, I decided to give this plant a try despite the hefty amount.

Viola! I was rather impressed with the perfect leaves during unboxing today.

So it’s well worth the investment.

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