Anthurium decipiens

Anthurium decipiens

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Beautiful Anthurium Can't wait to watch it grow (10/11/2022)
This is 1 of 10+ plants i ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This plant was gorgeous when it arrived, no yellowing or damage. It was smaller than I was expected but still a very nice sized. Multiple small leaves and couple hand sized leaves. It had a small root system but healthy. It has not lost any leaves since shipping but has taken a little more time to settled in than some of my others but rooting nicely and has pushed out a new leaf as of yesterday. Very happy with this one and cannot wait to watch it grow
Finicky (13/05/2022)
Bought from a Pop-Up in North Carolina. It was surprisingly more finicky than my Regale and Luxurians. It needs a watering schedule with extremely porous and fast draining soil. I wouldn't recommend for beginners.
Beautiful Anthurium (15/10/2021)
I've had my salgarense for quite some time now and it's doing great and has been a fast grower.

My home is roughly 50-60% humidity and it does fine out on a shelf. It's currently living in a glass bowl in dirty sphagnum and it is loving life. Highly recommend!
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