Anthurium eminens

Anthurium eminens

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Very nice, healthy plant (08/07/2022)
Healthy plant shipped all the way to Sweden. No problem problems with roots or leaves. Have it in my cabinet with some extra humidity for now (just to be safe).
very poor (24/05/2022)
Leaves were yellow & brown when unpacked. Discoloration has increased.
Healthy and very full! (14/01/2022)
This plant was WAY fuller than what is pictured. I am so happy with it! I ordered this plant and several others. I believe that the plant is fairly priced and the plant was in great condition. With shipping to Delaware, USA, I figured there would be some issues, but I had no issues at all. The fullness of the plant was generous and the plant was in excellent shape. I am looking forward to it acclimating to its new home.
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