Columnea crassicaulis

Columnea crassicaulis

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Didn't Travel Well / Packing Issue (30/07/2023)
This one was in better shape than the other 6 I bought. They were just about dead on arrival. I don’t think they had root rot, I actually think it was the opposite – they just got too hot and dry during travel. The leaves were just a sloppy wet mess and fell to the floor immediately, but the roots seemed dry. Anyway, I took photos of everything as I opened them and sent in to Ecuagenera. They were very good. Weekly I sent photos of all the Columnea and kept in touch. At the end of a month, there wasn’t much improvement and I was offered a refund – I put it toward another order of plants :) I kept the sticks of Columnea and have just waited patiently to see if any live. A few are finally showing signs of life after 8 weeks. I’m in WA state, day temps 75-85F and nights 50-60F.

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