Philodendron serpens

Philodendron serpens

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Stem Rot, Down to Node Props (17/10/2022)
I picked this one up from a local trade show, and it was looking decent. It had two leaves plus a cataphyll. One leaf & petiole and the cataphyll were in good condition, one leaf was limp and starting to yellow. I cut the yellowing leaf/petiole off after a few days. I had it in a pumice/sphag mix, medium-high humidity, and indirect bright light. A few weeks later, the cataphyll had shriveled, and the stem rotted near the roots so I cut it down to two node-chonks. I have one in perlite, the other in soil. Neither has progressed but they're still alive for now. This is a striking species but it didn't seem to travel or re-acclimate well.
great condition (17/09/2022)
very pleased with this plant! looks healthy with new growth. only slightly wilting from travel but no yellowing.
Gorgeous (15/07/2022)
Although shipped during the cold season to be delivered all the way to Scandinavia, the plant arrived in perfect condition. It arrived with four large leaves, which were all intact upon delivery, not even the slightest yellowing. The roots were strong and bushy. The plant took quite a long time to acclimate, in the sense that no new leaf unfurled for about 3 months, but it kept all its original leaves in nearly perfect condition. No special treatment, except that I keep the plant close to the humidifier so that it receives lots of humidity for about 8 hours daily during the dry months of the year. Yet, the overall humidity in this plant group does not exceeds 60 %. I paid for the speedier delivery, which was much more expensive, but definitely worth it - it took about 5 days from receiving the shipment notification to delivery to the far North.
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