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Dendrobium loddigesii
Dendrobium loddigesii

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Número de evaluaciones: 9
Evaluación media: 4,7
plante de bonne qualité
belle plante arrivée bien emballée avec plusieurs keikis,en attente de la floraison
Multiple plants!
Not one but two blooming size plants that had been superbly packed and shipped as one. Both plants are growing well, and have multiple keikis. Looking forward to flowering.
Beautiful flowers arrived with them and in good shape.
Just wishing toflowering soon.
It artivef in very nice condition and a beautiful orchid.
It is too soon but it is going fine.
Very good
It arrived in nice condiction .
Very good
It arrived in nice condicton .
The plants are GREAT
Well established plant with flowers
I've received this nice plant 1 month ago with 3 flowers ready to bloom. The flowers are now opened, Just a little bit disappointed because the flower colors are a little bit pale. Maybe to use more fertiliser, for next blooming?
Excellent Condition
Medium sized, well established plant with very nice root system and healthy canes, lots of Keikis all over, very happy with the quality and size of the plant sent.