Brasiliorchis schunkeana

Brasiliorchis schunkeana

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Fair (27/07/2023)
When the plant arrived and was unpacked, its condition did not look promising: at least two black pseudobulbs, some black-spotted leaves and no living roots. I was tempted to just throw it in the can! After cleaning it up and growing it for several months it now has roots and two healthy new leads, one of which has flowered twice and it is forming three more buds! They like moderately bright, warm conditions with frequent watering. The flowers can last about three weeks in warm weather. So, it is worthwhile persisting with this one!
big healthy plant (02/03/2023)
I got a healthy, strong orchid with lots of pseudobulbs. One of the 4 new growth didn't survive and half of the root system was gone, but after a week the plant started growing nice purple roots everywhere. I can't wait to see the flowers soon!
Very healty plant, excellent! (20/04/2022)
Plant came well packed and healthy. Had a few leaf die offs after potting wich seems pretty normal. It has started recovering and has new growth after a couple months.
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