Coelogyne nitida

Coelogyne nitida


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Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 4,7
Healthy (14/01/2022)
Smaller plant. Growing well. Best suited for, cool intermediate conditions, needs waters 2 times min
very nice (30/10/2020)
Arrived well packaged and healthy. It developed a flower spike not long after I received it and in the six months I've had it it has grown a new pseudobulb. Very happy with this plant.
Decent plant (21/08/2020)
There's only one new growth with two decent sized old pseudobulbs. The roots were very fine and relatively healthy although there were not a lot. The reason I give a four star is that the new growth is very loosely attached to the old pseudobulb, which appeared gnawed by either insect or rodent of a sort. Hopefully it'll survive.

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