Cattleya lueddemanniana 'Camila'

Cattleya lueddemanniana 'Camila'


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Fantastic NBS plant (21/07/2023)
Very happy to get a plant of this particular select species and NBS as well. I may see this flower next year if I am careful. Thanks for having such excellent stock. This is really a very good price for this cultivar.
Lovely. Beautiful orchids all over the place! (20/04/2021)
I was at the greenhouse yesterday and saw a TON 'Camilas'. I picked one up intending to take it home...just because the plants were grown so beautifully and putting out new leads all over the place. I had no idea Miss Camila is an especially dark lueddeminniana and fetches $$$...I got C. trianae instead.
Fair (21/01/2019)
The plant I received had 2 new psuedobulbs. They
Were weak and spindly and could not support their own weight. Their sheaths has blackened. This plant was large enough and it should survive. Not sure it was worth the $100.00 price.

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