Lycaste locusta

Lycaste locusta

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Big and strong plant... (04/04/2022)
...with 5 leafed bulbs. Roots were not perfekt, but the hole plant was healthy and in real god condition after its trip to Norway.
Good (21/05/2021)
Received a huge plant with two leafless backbulbs, two leafed bulbs and, possibly, four new growths beginning. The roots were poor but this is expected and plant should create a new root system with the onset of new growth.
Good value (22/10/2020)
The plant I received has three back bulbs(without leaf), one old bulb(with leaves) and two new growth. Most of the old roots are dead but I guess this may be common among the genus based on my experience and videos I've watched. Good news is that there were at least three new roots growing with activ tips. Hopefully, this plant will recover from the transplant shock and bloom next spring.

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