Dendrobium cuthbertsonii bicolor

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii bicolor


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More like a 4.5 (31/01/2022)
I received it in the middle of the Winter in Wisconsin but yet one wouldn't have known that from the condition it arrived in, packed, heated and insulated with obvious care.
By itself, this could have been a 5-star with nothing else to compare it to but compared to the two other Cuthbertsonii I received in the same order, both of which are exceptional, less than 5 but more than 4 seems about right.
Although the orchid seems healthy enough, it seems to have struggled at some point in the past with some of the pseudobulbs having lost their leaves and the remaining tips appearing blackened. But, the other three mature and two immature pseudobulbs look healthy enough and should do well.
Very strong plant (21/11/2018)
Nice plant, already almost doubled in size in a few weeks.

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