Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

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Terrible (30/10/2020)
Arrived in very poor condition and all the leaves fell off.
poor condition (29/10/2020)
While all the other orchids in this shipment were in excellent condition, this was in poor shape. The leaves were not in good shape and only a couple of short viable roots. Disappointed with the condition of this plant, but I do think it will live.
Condition not great (17/10/2020)
There was some damage from shipping but that is acceptable, so I didn't consider that in my rating. The orchid has been in bad shape for a while, so I'm assuming that the available selection wasn't good to start with. About two-thirds (4 inches) of the stem was bare, black, dried up, and moldy. Half of the leaves were yellow and fell off. If this plant makes it, it's going to be a long recovery.
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