Anthurium regale

Anthurium regale

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Regale large leaf -Excellent condition (21/08/2022)
Picked up in person in Seattle on
8/20. Plant came with a large flawless leaf and large healthy root ball. Overall excellent condition. Based on other growers’ recommendation, I’ve soaked it in distilled water for 24 hours and will be potting it up today.
Very disappointed. (02/08/2022)
I received a plant with a broken stem. The one leaf that it had was gorgeous but because the stem was broken now I have nothing.
Large plant, but some yellow leaves (08/07/2022)
This is my first ever plant received from Ecuagenera that was not in perfect condition. The plant was very large, but two of the three leaves was yellow/brown. The one leaf that was still green keep on looking great and I don't think I will have any issues with it in the future. It arrived in a box with 4 other Anthuriums, that did not have any issues, but this was the largest plant. Might be the size that makes it a little more sensitive to shipping?

But I'm still happy with it. No problems with roots. In a month or so I'm sure there will be new leaves.
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