Philodendron sp Colombia

Philodendron sp Colombia

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Completely Dry and Wilted, did not recover as they promised. (08/11/2022)
I ordered from Equagenera and picked up from one of their pop up shows. It was like they packed the plants the day I ordered them and put them in a fridge for months..... They were COMPLETELY dry and had cold damage.

Of course they were all wrapped tightly when I picked them up but I contacted the company as soon as I got home when I saw they were beyond saving.

They told me to give them 100% humidity and lots of water... Well I did and SURPRISE they rotted within a day. I shared pictures and detailed documentation with customer service and now they have been ignoring me for days.

I will NOT recommend ordering from them again. Will be sure to post this review since they will not reply.
Amazing (06/11/2022)
This plant arrived with one HUGE leaf on a tall stem, acclimated rather well and now is throwing out a new leaf. Love this plant!
I received this one in April. When it arrived it had 3 big leaves and looked perfect with no yellowing or damage. I potted it up and with 2 weeks it was actively rooting and within a month pushed out a new leaf. At this point 5 months later I have 8 leaves and the smallest are the orignal leaves around 10 to 12 inches and all since then are bigger and bigger. The last leaf is around 20 inches. Love the big bold leaves and vigourous growth. This plant behaved as though it had never been pulled up, wrapped in a box and shipped...Just came out ready to grow and that it has done. This is just another purchase I am extremely happy with from Ecuagenera
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