Philodendron Felix

Philodendron Felix

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The plant I received is not healthy (13/03/2023)
The stems are brown & drying out when I received the plant, 3 leaves fell off & left with 3 leaves. After 1 month all the leaves fell off and stem dried out. Unsure if I can revive the plant... sad...
Beautiful, but delicate (07/02/2023)
I receive plant with 5 nice leaves, but in less than 1 week entire plant (with stem) died.
A unique plant! 09/22/2022 (22/09/2022)
I just got my wish list philodendron Felix today in top notch condition! Before buying it I ve read all reviews about how difficult was for some people to acclimate it. As far as I can see it's a healthy plant with leaves and roots in great condition. I potted it in a new pot not disturbing at all it's rootball. It came with 6 big leaves and one more on its way. I think that in my country early autumn and late spring are the best seasons for ordering aroids from Ecuagenera. I live in Northern Greece. I am totally delighted with the guys in this company, as I am a devoted customer of theirs 3 years now.
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