Monstera obliqua Perú

Monstera obliqua Perú

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Delivered Dried Up (03/11/2022)
Delivered Dried Up, but was refunded. Runners will survive, but mother plant loss all her leaves. Buy local or at their show/shop if possible, did not ship well for me.
Very good (21/09/2022)
Plant came in slighlty discoloured which is completely understandable after being shipped from Ecuador to the EU. It's completely healthy, and bigger than the one represented in the photo. Love it!
Great condition (20/09/2022)
I ordered this plant during a mass discount event in the store. The plant travelled all the way from Equador to Europe. Because of this reason, I wasn't expecting plant to be in great condition. I was wrong, the plants came in amazing condition. The obliqua is even a bit biger than the picture. Even though we had some soggy cold weather, not a single plant had root rot with the obliqua only having minor chlorosis due to transport stress. I Would recomment this purchase.
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