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Anthurium veitchii (seedling)

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Anthurium veitchii (seedling)

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Great Root system
Plant arrived in SG with a surprising number of roots and leaves. For a seedling, it was in very stable condition. It had a new leaf with some damage and even though it managed to unfurl, there's some browning which is to be expected after transit.

Seems to be doing well for now, and I know the next few leaves are gonna be good. Just a word of caution the leaves are thin in texture and not as thick as the more velvety anthuriums, so be careful when handling them or you might tear the leaves by accident.
Nice seedling!
Growing well and very healthy. I look forward to the plant maturing!
Arrived in a good conditon
Arrived with a healthy root system, beautiful undamaged leaves and it was pretty big for a seedling. A great purchase.
Five points from Estonia :)
Really beautiful plant. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Ecuagenera! / Je suis très contente !
so beautiful and cute
it looks just like the pictures, was even bigger, and every leaf was healthy and cute
Recovered very well from shipping
All plants on: https://www.instagram.com/burgundy.z
Arrived on 25/04/2022 in Austria.
A. Veitchii arrived with some leaf damage from shipping shock. Had a total of 5 leaves and enough roots with no sign of damage or bugs which I am very pleased about.
The initial visual signs of shipping shock on the leaves worried me as it could worsen over the first 24h. However I put it directly in very high humidity (sealed box) and surprisingly on the 4/05/2022 I noticed a new leaf had formed! In my experience after shipping if a new leaf attempts to form too early it either dies off straight away or grows out damaged.
1 month after arrival the veitchii still has all its original leaves (with some shipping damage) and 1 new perfect healthy leaf. It is however still in a very high humidity setting ~90%. I am planning on slowly acclimatizing it to an area around my humidifier with I'm sure it's new leaf has fully hardened.
I removed one star for the minor leaf damage
Arrived Perfect! I picked up @ Vandula Farm in Delta BC, Canada. Im very Happy and satisfies to have this on seedlings. I hope u have more varieties on seedings.